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Have you ever found yourself making a vow that if God would manage to bring you out of this situation, you would never do again? Oh I must admit that I have. But I didn’t always honor the vows I had made. Yes, I tried to steer clear of it but some how, I found myself on that slippery slope of sin again.

Now I come to your temple with burnt offerings to fulfill the vows I made to you–Yes the sacred vows that I made when I was in deep trouble. Psalm 66:13

Trouble has a way of making us vow to change our habits or behavior. But just how many really take seriously the vows spoken? A multitude of wedding ceremonies exchange vows that carry less weight than the weight of the paper the marriage license is written upon.

What is that causes one to make a vow and then not keep it?

Jephthah was one man who made a rash vow voluntarily that if God would give him victory, he would sacrifice whatever the first thing that came out of his house to meet him. (see Judges 11:29-39)

Do you know what/who came out first? His only daughter

Oh how grieved he was that he had spoken such words. But even his daughter encouraged him to keep the vow he had made to God, although she knew it meant death for her.

Do we encourage others to keep their marriage vows or do we just stand by watching them skate with compromise?

Are we honoring our own vows?

In verse 13 of Psalm 66, the psalmist says because of his vow, he is sacrificing burnt offerings. In today’s time we aren’t required to sacrifice rams or bullocks. Nevertheless, sacrifice and death are still required of us to keep a vow. We have to be willing to die to our own wills and make sacrifices for others even when we would rather not. And even when the one we vowed to is not behaving vow-worthy.

It is better not to vow than to make a vow and not fulfill it. Ecclesiastes 5:5 (NIV)

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    Vows are serious and need to be done with great care. I was in a circle once that encouraged young people to make a vow giving the Lord a certain amount of their single years. Many did so and struggled as they watched their 20 come and go. I am thankful for the wise council of my father who encouraged me to commit each day to the Lord as it came. I forget who wrote the post but they wisely stated it is easier to throw something away than hand it to the Lord to keep. I totally agree with all you wrote! Just wanted to throw out a perspective on how vows can forced and not necessarily God moved.
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    Every day is another day to love the Lord. This is a vow that I make, with the coming of each day. Instead of vowing this or vowing that, I steadily walk with the Lord and ask Him to guide me day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute. As far as encouraging others to keep their vows, I have my hands full trying to keep mine! Vows made when hurt, angry, etc., are not for me. I just give the Lord my heart and ask Him to work on me and the situation. I encourage others to pray, read and listen to the Word of God. He is the only one who can help you with your life. He places people in your life to help you during your walk. The Lord, Himself, is my vow. Many blessings!
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    Interesting–this is the second post in the past 10 minutes I’ve read that’s mention this Jephthah story that I don’t remember reading before. I had to go back and read it in fact.

    A lot of people don’t seem to hold the marriage vow sacred these days. Divorce is much too easy and marriage seems to be taken much more flippantly than it should be. I have tried to avoid making any kind of vows to God in exchange for getting me out of a jam.

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      Oh really, this is one of the few posts I had written out (long hand) prior to the challenge. I don’t remember ever have heard of the story of Jephthah prior to the day I stumbled across it in my daily Bible reading plan. Since my teenage years, I have learned to avoid making such vows. Do you recall the other blog that discussed Jephthah? I’d be interested in reading their thoughts.

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    Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge to say hello! I made one vow to my wife and other than that I don’t make them. I do the best I can do and that’s all I can do. I like your inspiration blog!
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    Anything “evil” is possible when we forget who God is. Once we forget who God is it is easy to lose the sacredness for life. Many people do not realize that being sacred does not come by what we do, but by what God does for us. We lose our footing when we ignore God. My devotion this morning was Amos 4. We are called to keep God in remembrance for a reason. For many, God is just a show, a side piece. He’s convenient, but we don’t really take Him seriously. This error show up in a very ugly way in marriages. Many churches today preach marriage as a “convenience” (that it should be done to get something). The truth is that marriage is a ministry, as are all our relationships, and ministry is not about getting something, but about serving in spirit and truth unto God. Every relationship, where there is no spirit of goodness and sincere truth in love, will fall apart because the vows spoken or written are not sincere. Even our Creator wants our relationship with Him to be with our whole being and not just words parading as sincerity (Jeremiah 3:10)
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    The story of Jephthah is so sad, but what a lesson it can teach us! I have found myself in many similar situations and learn from each broken promise. We are so blessed that He is kind and forgiving, and a God of (many) second chances! :)

    Great post Wanda,

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    Yes, our words can really get us in the end. I’ve made vows that were very difficult to keep because I didn’t have the grace for them. I’ve learned to watch my words carefully!

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      So true Alisa. We should have known God had a purpose for giving us twice as many ears and as he did mouth.