Occupy Till

How are you occupying yourself?

Dictionary.com defines the word occupy as

1.to take or fill up (space, time, etc)
2. to engage or employ the mind, energy, or attention of
3.to be a resident or tenant of; dwell in
4.to take possession and control of (a place), as by military invasion.
5.to hold (a position, office, etc.).

Again I ask what is taking resident in your mind, filling your space, or consuming your time? As I thought about the word occupy, I was reminded of a parable Jesus told in Luke 19:11-27 about about a king issuing three of his servants a mina and telling them to occupy till he come before going away.

Same Stuff Different Results

Upon his return he found different levels of occupancy. The first servant indeed engaged in productive activity, which yielded the master more than what he had been given. The second servant took hold of what had been given him and added 5 additional minas. But the third servant only gave back one mina that had been issued to him.

Two things jumped out at me as I thought on this parable.

1. The servant which produce 10 additional minas and the servant that produce 5 additional minas received the exact same response from the king. He didn’t compare the second servant’s results with the first servants. Instead he congratulated their success and gave them responsibilities in accordance with their level of proven ability.

2. Although, the third servant didn’t produce any additional minas, he had in fact been occupied like the other two servants. Except he was occupied with the wrong thing—fear.

Sadly I could easily identify with that third servant. All too often I have allowed my preoccupation with fear to rob me of productive pursuits.


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    Great point on that parable. It is comforting to know I am not expected to equal, surpass, or mimic the brother or sister beside me. I am to just be faithful and give all I have with what I have been given and called to.
    I think I am guilty many times of being like the fearful servant who squanders the opportunity to use what has been given. Thank you for the slight kick in the rump!
    Jody recently posted..A to Z: Overcoming NoiseMy Profile

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      ” I am not expected to equal, surpass, or mimic the brother or sister beside me.”–So eloquently said Jody. For many I think we often become occupied with comparisons. When I thought on this parable it reminded me of blogging in away. We each have been given the same tools/platform but some produce greater results in the sense of blog stats, which makes it easy for us to fall into comparisons.

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    I’ve never thought of the definition of occupy, but after reading the definition it challenges me to fill up my thoughts, mind, energy and attention for that which is good and pleasing to the Lord. Thank you for your timely reminder as tonight I find myself more like the wicked servant a bit anxious about what I may encounter tomorrow.

    Susan Wachtel recently posted..Preconceived NotionsMy Profile

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      Every so often I’m urged to look up a word that is common to me and when I do it highlights something about that word I hadn’t fully considered previously. Praying that you will push past your anxiety into productive pursuits Susan. I think we all encounter anxiousness but the trouble comes when we allow it to prevent us from making movement

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    Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Figured I’d return the favor. A very interesting post here, and good food for thought. Too often, we measure our own success by judging how we stack up when compared to other people, when what we should be concentrating on is doing the best with what we’ve got, no matter what the people around us are doing. Just let our own light shine, without worrying about how bright it is compared to someone else’s. Good luck with the rest of the A-Z.

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      True Susan, we only dim our own light when we are preoccupied with the light of others. Thanks for stopping in. All the best to you in the challenge.

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    There are two words in the Scripture that always gets my attention: Useful and effective. Whatever we are called to do, however we are occupying, we must be useful and effective. We are called vessels, and every vessel may not be alike, but each has a use. And when each vessel is used properly then it is effective. God does not compare us; He simply wants us to occupy, as useful and effective vessels. Paul, in Philemon, really shows us the power of being useful and effective. He occupied, even in chains. He advocated for others, even from prison. What was impossible for others became possible to Paul by the power of God. Wanda, you’ve really been touching on the theme of creativity (useful, productive, effective living….occupying) and it has been a blessing. I pray that we continue to grow and increase in productivity as we learn from each other.
    LaVonne recently posted..The Practice Of PeaceMy Profile

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      LaVonne, you always give me more to think about as I ponder your comments. Creativity has been a running theme. Three words have been etched in my mind since the beginning of the year-speak, order, and create. I truly want to be found doing that which the master has created me to do.

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    Very good post and word “Occupy”. Lately, I’ve been doing better at being occupied with the Lord. When I think of Him and praise His name continuously, I am filled with joy that extend through my day. I had been through a dry spot and longed for that closeness again.
    Dawn recently posted..A to Z Challenge – "Q"My Profile

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      Hi Dawn, I’m in a bit of dry spot myself currently so I do understand. But oh how refreshing it is when the rain of His presence falls again.