A-Z Challenge: R&S

R is for the rest I took yesterday after being away for work-related meetings through-out most of the week. When I finally arrived home, my computer was the last thing I wanted to see. After obligating myself to this challenge, I was torn between keeping my word and doing what I felt was best for me. And yesterday I chose the best option for me.

How many times have you got sleep but found no real rest for your soul or mind? I can’t count the times I have awaken from a night of slumber but felt as if I had been toiling all night. Despite the sheet thread count, type of bed, or even the room the bed is located, true rest can only be found in one place.


So we see that they could not enter because of unbelief. Hebrews 3:19

As I contemplated the idea of rest and sleep, I am reminded of the root cause of much of my sleeping but finding no rest—unbelief. You see all those worries, anxieties, dis-ease really says that I’m not fully trusting that my God is not only concerned about the matters of my life but that He already has a plan for it (that specific place that’s troubling me). And that even when I can’t see Him working the plan, His plan is in motion.

So as I soak in the silence of this Saturday, I’m seeking to find soul rest.


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    Wanda, this is such a great post! It really hits home with me. When I am worrying and stressing, I find it hard to rest. But, when I ask my Father for rest and hand my worries over to Him, He puts me to sleep. Many nights, I ask Jesus to send His Holy Spirit to heal and comfort me…and, it works! Just a small testimony. Take care and rest in Him. ~Cynthia
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      Thank you Susan, I did have a restful day Saturday and was refreshed in the Lord’s presence on today. Wishing you a blessed and productive week ahead.

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      Hi Jody, I needed a refreshing and that’s just what I received during worship service today. Hope you have a great week.

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    I like the phrase “rest in Him”. To do that, though, you have to lay down all that “stuff” (worries, fears, etc) at Jesus’ feet. Then, you can rest in Him. Good post. I’m feeling sleepy right now. ;0)
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